The view of Tampa from the water is fast changing, thanks to the almost completed Tampa Riverwalk! Expected to be complete next month, the Riverwalk extends all the way from the Tampa Bay History Center to Ulele (both of which boast some of the best eats in Tampa).

Here’s what we think you should know about the new Tampa Riverwalk:

Take your time! There’s a lot to see and do on the way!

  1. Don’t eat before you come! With the Columbia Café, The Sail Pavilion, Ulele, and the dozens of restaurants downtown, you’re sure to find something tasty to fill you up. You may even spot one of Tampa’s fantastic food trucks!
  2. Those cool Riverwalk cups aren’t just functional; they let you roam the walk with your beverage of choice! Be sure to check out the Riverwalk’s website for the most up to date list of purchase locations.
    riverwalk cup
  3. Children and dogs are very welcome along the riverwalk! With several playgrounds and dog parks, everyone is bound to enjoy their time downtown. (Dog parks also boast doggie water fountains.)
  4. Public restrooms can be found at the Sail Pavilion, and they’re very well kept!
  5. Part of Lights on Tampa can be seen year round! Riverglow and bridge lightings stay lit year round, and make for the perfect romantic evening atmosphere.
  6. Downtown parking can become a frustration, especially with one- way streets. Check out our FAQ section for some help if you’re not familiar with the area. The last way to enjoy the riverwalk is to spend the afternoon hunting for a parking spot!
  7. You’re not obligated to enjoy the riverwalk by land or foot! Water bikes and biyaks (pedal kayaks) are the perfect way to enjoy the riverwalk from the river! Coast Bike Share offers land bike rentals along the riverwalk as well!

There you have it! Eight tips to be sure you enjoy your afternoon on the Tampa Riverwalk!