Come Ride the River

Water Bikes are the ultimate in human powered watercraft!

Come experience the City of Tampa the way it was meant to be seen: from the water!  Tampa Bay Water Bike Company offers one of the most exciting ways to explore Downtown Tampa and its waterways, all for as little as $30.  Our state-of-the-art bike design is sure to keep our riders dry and safe, and our hour-long trip is sure to delight riders of all ages and experience levels.  Don’t miss out on this thrilling outdoor adventure-- come #RideTheRiver with us today!


All rentals include required safety equipment.

The Tampa Water Bike Experience

 Hop aboard your own personal Water Bike with seating for 1 or join a friend on one of our tandem bikes built for 2! From there, you are free to explore Tampa's waterways how ever you wish. Want to go North on the winding Hillsborough river, seeing the sights of downtown? Go for it! Care for a quick trip along Bayshore Blvd or Davis Islands, getting a glimpse at some of the most impressive houses in Tampa? Don't let us stop you! Or maybe the open waters of Hillsborough Bay are more your style looking for our local dolphin. Either way, you can choose your own path and the sites you want to see for as little at $30!  Riders of all ages and experience levels are welcome. Give us a call, reserve your trip online, or come stop by the docks today!